Bala Mantra – Ancient Yoga Mantra

Bala Mantra – Ancient Yoga Mantra

Om aim klim sauh Balai Swaha

Bala Mantra Video for music album “Dreams Of White Tantra” by Akasha

The progression of Bala’s life stages unfold in this joyful music video. Bala, the ever playful and curious soul maintains her true nature of Satchidananda (existence, knowledge & bliss) throughout her life. The same joyful aspects of self we all possess and have the capacitance to express. Superimposed through Bala’s journey are images of Akasha representing Lalita (Tripura Sundari: the red goddess) She represents the adult form of Bala. Even though most stories give the concept of two beings, Bala is the child form of Lalita. The portion of video with Akasha was filmed at The Cloisters & Versailles Gardens on Paradise Island, Nassau, Bahamas.
Love of family, friendships, romantic and pet companionship are highlighted. Bala Mantra is a celebration of being present in this moment, as it is. May this video inspire many to seek happy circumstances that invite peace, laughter & opportunity to express appreciation. May all beings be at peace and prosper, namaste, Akasha.