Om Mani Padme Hum – Video

Om Mani Padme Hum – Video


OM Mani Padme Hum Mantra is one of the most popular Buddhist mantras sung in the world today. It is a six syllable prayer originating from the Tibetan Karandavyuha Sutra. The Karandavyuha Sutra existed approximately one hundred years before the writings of the Mahayana Sutras.

While a literal translation comes to us as “Hail the jewel in the lotus.” each petal sound of OM Mani Padme Hum is an invocation that purifies absolutely the six poisons afflicting the emotions. The six poisons are: pride, jealousy, desire, ignorance, greed and anger. Om Mani Mantra vibrates pure energies of our authentic states of wisdom, restoring us to enlightenment.

This mantra is associated with the Male Bodhisattva of Compassion, Avlokitesvara who with eleven heads, one thousand arms, each palm expressing its own eye, liberates all sentient beings from suffering. Mani Mantra elevates our mind, body and spirit to a rebirth of forbearance, meditation, kindness, generosity, morality and vitality. Approachable at any time, the Chinese Goddess of Compassion and Mercy, Quan Yin is also associated with OM Mani Mantra.

May all beings everywhere be happy and free, Namaste.