Parama Prema Video

Parama Prema Video

The love mantra “Parama Prema Rupaya Namaha” can be translated to English as “Supreme vibration, pure love is made manifest that I may recognize and honor you.” Parama Prema Mantra is associated with RadhaKrishna and the Gita Govinda Poem by Jayadeva. Parama prema is premised here by earthly divine love as a force driven by recognition of the divine in a physical person.

Love for God is based on piety, serving, devotion and faith for the highest unseeable, unknowable form of a benevolent omnipotent power. Union with God transcends time in this body; there is a sense that the connection continues even after the body perishes.

Parama Prema Mantra brings to our consciousness openness, an ability to recognize and comprehend qualities of divinity within another living person. Identifying behaviors and attributes within the self are gained by reflection and meditation. Divine attributes may manifest differently for each individual depending on goals and this can change with circumstances.

Parama Prema Mantra like meditation can help us suddenly become aware of pure love in others; see those around us from a new consciousness. The potential to create a relationship with another human being that closely resembles the extraordinary peace and joy we find in meditation with God is a blessing. A divine gift is each day we are blessed to renew that relationship. To truly embrace an ongoing pure love experience chant this mantra 3, 9, or 108 times to go inward. Surrender completely to Supreme love release any clinging attachments to another person; impermanence of human form is part of living. Spend time and notice how your love relationship helps you self grow in a loving enlightened manner. Observe how it helps your loved one grow. Qualities of the divine inside yourself and a beloved are presenting now and for some there are attributes that have yet to shine. Different events and people bring to light a different way to serve, to share, and to be. Serving a beloved can be one of the most intimate ways to know oneness with the divine.

To experience love, to know, feel and share love in physical form is a dualistic path; to achieve this successfully one must be able to perform daily mundane tasks, fulfill commitments in peace. While in a love relationship, relationship with God becomes even more crucial. Dedication to quiet concentration with the self is a marker of success. Your peace of mind subtly offers its vibration as a soft cushion for another person.

This mantra can be helpful whenever you feel fear, worry, anger or other emotional disharmony. Capacitating another human being with kindness and care selflessly is a humbling path. Such a path can help you out of delusions and keep you grounded in reality. May all beings everywhere be at peace and prosper. Namaste.